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Web hosting and web servers come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges too!  This set of reviews and comparisons is for the budget focused consumer and to help you find the best website hosting for small business.  There many different types of  web hosting that we review at websiteservers.com, but since we are focusing on low cost, all of our recommendations on this page are going to be for shared hosting

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iPage has the lowest everyday pricing for shared web hosting among the largest hosting companies.  You can be assured that you can go and sign up and get a very good price on your initial purchase as well as your renewals.

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Godaddy is the largest hosting company out there.  There retail prices are middle of the road, but if you take advantage of the many promo codes that they offer, you can save quite a bit of money.  It’s for this reason that we recommend them as our top choice as you can usually utilize discount codes on renewals of your services as well.  Godaddy has a special going right now where you can get hosting for 50% off and that comes out to $3.49/month.  Their new cpanel offering is pretty good and that is what we would recommend.

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Things to look out for with low cost hosting


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