The top 10 minecraft servers of 2015 so far.
Have you ever played Minecraft?

We have and we love it.

The problem we always have though, is deciding which server is best to play on.
We have had a lot of readers write in saying the same thing, which is why we have put together this ultimate list of minecraft servers for your viewing pleasure.

Without further adieu:
– Mirage PvP 4.0
– Ultra PvP
– CosmicPvP
– GotPvP Network
– Asgard Ascension
– Hypixel Network
– Cube Craft Games
– Mineplex
– TheArchon
– PrimeMC

Let us know in the comments if you like the list we put together or not.

We tried to put together a list of servers that have great skins, survival servers, texture packs & no whitelist.

Minecraft is a very fun game in which you can explore the terrain of a 3d world. You also have the ability to dig (or Mine) and to construct (craft) all sorts of different objects. These objects which you build will allow you to do different things such as build a pyramid.

You start off gathering tools and materials and making objects. Every once in a while you might get rained on or hit by a lightning storm. If you are playing on certain game types or difficulties, then you might have to start defending again all types of things such as hunger & enemies who try to take your resources.

Although the game looks like Lego, it is nothing of the sort. I guess it is similar to Lego if you had to create the plastic pieces yourself from scratch. Then it could be considered to be like Lego.

But after you have created structures you can go on adventures through the forest and the woods all while you are being chased by bad guys such as mosters, lions, tigers, and bears.

If not, let us know how we can improve the server list, including any features you may want.

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